Rhythmworks half-day team-building workshop for the SIGNAL

Our half-day team-building session for Signal shows exactly why a Rhythmworks workshops are a must for small businesses with disparate team members.

Rhythmworks half-day team-building workshop for the BASEC

See why BASEC's CEO Tony Lioveri chose Rhythmworks for the FOURTH time to enhance his new team's performance!

Rhythmworks half-day team-building workshop for the Farnham Hub

See how we used Taiko to transform a disparate group of local business owners into a sonic force to be reckoned with!

Rhythmworks half-day team-build 'fits together perfectly with Hitachi Capital's ethos"

This short video highlights a half-day team-building workshop we conducted for Hitachi Capital. It contains some workshop footage with some great testimonials too!

Rhythmworks Promotional Video

Our original promotional video, filmed over two team-building events with Cityscape and Lorica.

Rhythmworks walk the walk!

Rhythmworks trainers are all experienced Taiko performers, many currently with Taiko Meantime - one of the UK's most respected Taiko ensembles. See them in action, and see where our inspiration for great team-building originates!

We’re supporting Taiko in schools!

We love to give back some of the success we’ve had in the corporate sector to schools and younger generations. This video highlights some of the benefits of our schools programme, with great testimonials from staff and pupils.