If you’re a team leader or training manager looking for an original, engaging and fun team-building experience, let us introduce Japanese Taiko drumming from Rhythmworks

So, what is Taiko?

Taiko is a new, effective, fun and unforgettable experience for teams.

But what IS taiko?

Taiko is the traditional drumming of Japan. From its religious roots accompanying ceremonies and festivals, Taiko has more recently gone centre stage, becoming a performance art in itself: large groups of people playing big drums with big sticks and big movements. The sound is huge and visceral. And to be creating that sound as a group is a life-affirming experience.

Who are Rhythmworks?

Mark Alcock has spent the past 30 years studying Taiko in Japan, performing Taiko in theatres around the world, recording Taiko for movies and playing at many high-profile events.

Since 2000, Mark’s company Rhythmworks has, with a respectful nod to the history, distilled the essence of Taiko drumming down to the magic ingredient – teamwork: commitment, awareness, support, trust and a big dose of fun!

That’s why we’ve used Taiko exclusively with countless organisations like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Shell and Hitachi to unite their teams. See our full client list.


Our original Taiko team=building session with big drums, and big sticks! Perfect to get your team working together.
5-50 participants
1 hour – 1 day


A great conference energiser for large groups with limited space and time. Uses handheld ‘paranku’ Taiko drums for an easy setup.
50-250 participants
30 minutes – 2 hours


For disperate teams, a collaborative and interactive drumming experience from the comfort of your own home or office!
5-unlimited participants
45 mins to 1 hour

Our Programmes

Each of our Taiko workshops starts with a dynamic demonstration by our trainers. We then waste no time in teaching you the basics of Taiko. And through group exercises we enable teams to confidently support themselves in a stunning performance of powerful rhythms and synchronized movement.

Taiko is both fun and relevant – a key part of the session is to highlight the skills that can be taken away and harnessed back at work. We show teams that with clear vision, group dedication and self-belief the seemingly impossible becomes the easily attainable.

Within our range of programmes are half-day sessions, full-day and sessions interspersed throughout the day, right through to a short 25 minute ‘Ice-breaker’ session to kick off a conference in style.

We have enough drums and trainers to accommodate up to 350 people playing simultaneously.

Taiko is open to all, whatever your experience or aptitude for rhythm or movement, because our focus is simply on teamwork: the way the team works together.

See our full range of programmes.

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We thought you might like to know more about how we work and what to expect from a Taiko workshop. Here are some answers to typical questions we get asked.

What kind of room do we need?

We generally work on the principle of 4m2 per person. So, a team of 30 would need 120m2, i.e. a room of roughly 10m x 12m. But generally, the bigger the better!

How many participants?

We can accommodate any number of participants from 5 to 350.

How many trainers?

For a single group, we generally bring one or two trainers, depending on the budget. For multiple concurrent groups we would bring one trainer per group.

What about logistics?

Depending on the size of group, and therefore the number of drums and trainers, we generally take 3 hours to set up.

This would involve arriving in a van (or multiple vans), unloading the drums, preparing them in the room, setting up the laptop to the projector, laying out sticks etc, and making sure everything is perfect for you and your clients.

Any extras?

  • Memento branded sticks to use and keep: £20 per pair

  • Online Taiko Experience as a pre-workshop warmup or post-workshop refresher: From £10/head.

"The full day Taiko session for our marketing team was singularly the most successful team-building event I have attended and taken part in - EVER. Our theme for the day was 'Together We're Stronger' and this event encapsulated that feeling totally. It was a complete success."
Christopher Claridge-Ware
Christopher Claridge-Ware
Director, AXA PPP Healthcare