Conference Taiko for Wickes

Wickes chose our ‘Taiko with coaching’ package to complement a 3-day business strategy meeting for 50 senior managers. Our specialist associate coach led the group into a great period of change for the organisation, and the conference was bolstered and supported all the way by challenge of Taiko drumming.



“The short term benefits were clear as we moved onto two days of business strategy. It seemed we had moved from reasons to not do things, to a natural position of how could we do it and support it.”- Steve Tarrant, Buying Controller Trade, Wickes

“The Rhythmworks team’s skill and enthusiasm was infectious and they delivered an extaordinary event for us. It included everything necessary to get a team working together – a perfect conclusion to a day spent on team behaviour. An excellent lesson in what can be achieved in a short space of time when people work together in an intense but fun environment, exactly on message for our business. Every team should do this at least once in their lives.”- Jeremy Bird, Managing Director, Wickes

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