Our Programmes

We have a flexible range of team building programmes - all based on the teamwork skills necessary for success in performance and business.

Title Description Ideal group size Max. group size Max. groups
Full-day Taiko A day of team building designed to realise the collective potential of a team by leading them to performance in one day. 10-15 30 4
Half-day Taiko Contains all the elements of the full-day programme within a shorter session for the convenience of your time. 10-15 30 4
Taiko with Coaching A specialised programme geared towards uniting teams by harnessing skills such as NLP, emotional intelligence, self-management and leadership. Facilitated by one of our associate coaches. 8-12 20 1
Ko-Beat Cut-price team building for small teams on a budget. 8-12 15 1
***NEW*** Ice Breaker Taiko Galvanises all of your conference delegates in one go with a short sharp burst of fun and connection to energise your event. Also known as the 'Slump Buster' (when used post-lunch!). 100-250 Please enquire for groups exceeding 250 n/a
Schools Programme Our performance group, Taiko Meantime, has an ongoing UK-wide educational programme giving thousands of children a chance to experience the fun of Taiko drumming. 15-30 30 1


All of our programmes feature:

  • an exciting demonstration of Taiko by our expert trainers
  • a short presentation on the history of Taiko and its relevance to teamwork
  • simple step by step instruction in Taiko drumming technique
  • team drumming exercises promoting fun and unity
  • your team performing a dynamic Japanese Taiko drumming piece
  • consolidation of learning gained during the event and its relevance to the workplace

For groups of 5 to 250 participants and beyond, Rhythmworks will create a programme with you to meet your exact team building goals and address your key focus areas.

Multiple teams can perform for one another, engendering a healthy sense of competition, support and shared purpose. A great finale for your day.


Our courses can be held in a venue of your choice, or at one of our regular conference centres around the UK.

"The Senior Management team need to be able to work together effectively. This workshop has helped with this, and it will help the whole organisation."
- Anon, Public Sector Organisation