Our Programmes

We have a flexible range of team building programmes - all based on the teamwork skills necessary for success in performance and business.

Title Description Ideal group size Max. group size Max. groups
Full-day Taiko A day of team building designed to realise the collective potential of a team by leading them to performance in one day. 10-15 30 4
Half-day Taiko Contains all the elements of the full-day programme within a shorter session for the convenience of your time. 10-15 30 4
Taiko with Coaching A specialised programme geared towards uniting teams by harnessing skills such as NLP, emotional intelligence, self-management and leadership. Facilitated by one of our associate coaches. 8-12 20 1
Ko-Beat Cut-price team building for small teams on a budget. 8-12 15 1
***NEW*** Ice Breaker Taiko Galvanises all of your conference delegates in one go with a short sharp burst of fun and connection to energise your event. Also known as the 'Slump Buster' (when used post-lunch!). 100-250 Please enquire for groups exceeding 250 n/a
Schools Programme Our performance group, Taiko Meantime, has an ongoing UK-wide educational programme giving thousands of children a chance to experience the fun of Taiko drumming. 15-30 30 1


All of our programmes feature:

  • an exciting demonstration of Taiko by our expert trainers
  • a short presentation on the history of Taiko and its relevance to teamwork
  • simple step by step instruction in Taiko drumming technique
  • team drumming exercises promoting fun and unity
  • your team performing a dynamic Japanese Taiko drumming piece
  • consolidation of learning gained during the event and its relevance to the workplace

For groups of 5 to 250 participants and beyond, Rhythmworks will create a programme with you to meet your exact team building goals and address your key focus areas.

Multiple teams can perform for one another, engendering a healthy sense of competition, support and shared purpose. A great finale for your day.


Our courses can be held in a venue of your choice, or at one of our regular conference centres around the UK.

"That was the most amazing team building workshop I have ever done."
- David Recalcati, Microsoft IT team Leader, Italy