A Roundup of Recent News

Oxfam benefits from a Rhythmworks team building day

Oxfam strengthened their team by harnessing Rhythmworks for a team building day for 14 people.

"We have some new members in our team so I think it was a great way to break the ice and for us all to get to know each other better."
Gez Russell, Editor, Oxfam
"Thank you so much for coming - we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I definitely think it was the perfect balance between team bonding and fun."
Emily Tomkys, Digital Comms Executive, Oxfam
Network Rail on track with Taiko drumming

A Network Rail team incorporated a full day of Taiko drumming to compliment their business development summit

Network Rail
"The benefit [of the Rhythmworks workshop] will be in having broken down some of the barriers in getting to know each other"
Andrew Duffin, Anglia Route Director, Network Rail
Quintiles develop themselves with Rhythmworks

At their annual international summit, Quintiles integrated a Taiko drumming team building session with great success.

"Thanks again for leading a very enjoyable session last week. The group loved it and everyone agreed that it helped accelerate the teams' alignment during our retreat. Also, we all had lots of fun!!"
Steve Skolsky, Global Head of Clinical and Data Operations, Quintiles
Nebulas turns it up with Rhythmworks!

Nebulas Solutions bolstered their "Turn It Up" day of motivation with a Rhythmworks Taiko event.

"This experience has taught me that I have the ability to lead where others were not confident to tread. If everyone on the team is able to draw a positive from the experience, then I think that will enrich our team spirit and should bode well for us as a company moving forwards."
Tom Crinall, New Business Account Manager, Haha
"It's interesting to see how roles change when people who are very successful/knowledgeable within the business and have been with the company for a long time suddenly find themselves less able than their junior counterparts."
- Stuart Brameld, Technical Director, Nebulas Solutions
Taiko drums for a Ha Ha Simply Perfect Christmas!

The Ha Ha Managers team stepped into the unknown for an afternoon of Taiko drumming to compliment their Simply Perfect Christmas training day.

"The workshop had a massive impact on group bonding. The idea of everybody being "out of their comfort zone" together will be a talking point for a time to come."
- Nick Heasman, Deputy Manager, Haha
"It was just outstanding in terms of bringing teams together as well as being able to see how individuals can contribute to the overall team effort."
Steve Rogers, Managing Director, Haha
The Taiko drums of La Tasca - beating in perfect rhythm!

The La Tasca Managers team held an afternoon of Taiko drumming to bolster their team building programme.

"The workshop showed that no matter how good an individual is, the whole team must be synchronized to get good results."
- Ana Sanchez, Area Manager, Latasca
"It put in perspective the importance of every one of us in order to achieve our targets. It created team spirit and everybody had fun."
Sergio Bachs, Area Manager, Latasca
Conference Taiko for Wickes

Wickes chose our 'Conference Taiko' package to complement a 3-day business strategy meeting for 50 senior managers.

"The short term benefits were clear as we moved onto two days of business strategy. It seemed we had moved from reasons to not do things, to a natural position of how could we do it and support it."
- Steve Tarrant, Buying Controller Trade, Wickes
"The Rhythmworks team's skill and enthusiasm was infectious and they delivered an extaordinary event for us. It included everything necessary to get a team working together - a perfect conclusion to a day spent on team behaviour. An excellent lesson in what can be achieved in a short space of time when people work together in an intense but fun environment, exactly on message for our business. Every team should do this at least once in their lives."
- Jeremy Bird, Managing Director, Wickes
Taiko drumming at Dunhill

We introduced Taiko drumming into Dunhill's Management Development programme. Our days with two different groups of Managers concentrated on some of the core values surrounding the course: commitment, support and trust.

"Very effective training indeed. I wish everyone in Dunhill could go on this course."
- Rebecca Hough, Head of Packaging, Dunhill
"The workshop was excellent and showed what can be achieved with a focused team."
- Anon, Dunhill
Rhythmworks bring Taiko to Acutest's employee Personal Development course

We used the Taiko to create a rousing close to the employee Personal Development course for Acutest, a leading software testing consultancy. The teams of 40 were divided into three groups, all performing for one another at the end.

"The workshop was an excellent vehicle for developing an idea of teamwork, creating a sense of identity with each other and realising that we are actually part of a really fun company to work for."
- Anon, Acutest
An intensive exercise like this rapidly builds relationships which may not occur if people are just left to mingle.
- Anon, Acutest
Shell UK builds new global team culture

Rhythmworks brought some serious team building to Shell UK's annual meeting of global delegates. The objective was to build a team culture to adopt a new business model.

"This workshop was about taking on something as a team that made us feel out of our comfort zone, and supporting each other as we did so."
- Daniel Crush, Finance Advisor, Shell UK
"Working together as a team is not bound to the limitations of business and office work – it’s in almost every area/career/part of life where you need to work with other people. This team building exercise helped to demonstrate that and bring cohesion to the group. It was fun and light-hearted and a good break/difference from the working atmosphere inside the conference room. "
- Susan Lower, Financial Analyst/Advisor, Shell UK
Epson beat the drums of change

We integrated our Taiko drumming workshops with Epson Europe's annual e-Business conference. Among the aims of the conference was to encourage teamwork and unity across their European operations.

Epson Europe
"Rhythmworks created incredible energy and focus during our conference. It was great fun, united multi-national groups in a shared goal and supported the key aims of the meeting."
- Tony Lioveri, Director, e-Business, Epson Europe
Epson Europe
"This is great training"
- Tod Yamamoto, Director, e-Business, Epson America
Rhythmworks show Lorica that "Together we're stronger"

Employee Benefits Consultancy Lorica invested in a full-day course with Rhythmworks. Held near Winchester in an exclusive conference venue, Lorica's aims were to unite the different departments within the company and to promote an open and shared approach to work.

"It was singularly the most successful team building event I have attended and taken part in - EVER. Our theme for the day was "Together, we're stronger" and this event encapsulated that feeling totally. It was a complete success."
- Christopher Claridge-Ware, Chief Executive Officer, Lorica
"Having used Rhythmworks in the past, I hoped that the approach would work in a different sized company with a completely different culture, values and challenges. The most amazing thing is how it worked even better."
- David Battle, Chief Operating Officer, Lorica
A blast of drumming for Rawlinson and Hunter

Rawlinson and Hunter, wanted a change for its annual Managers' Forum. Held in one of our central London venues, the workshop provided a fun way to strengthen the bond between the firm's partners and managers.

Rawlinson and Hunter
"Very enjoyable and challenging. It is surprising how well we all performed after such a short time, and is testament to what can be achieved with cooperation and concentration."
- David Barker, Partner, Rawlinson and Hunter
Rawlinson and Hunter
"It was one of the best-regarded team events that we have done. The office was certainly buzzing the next day! A wonderful afternoon."
- Derek Rawlings, Partner, Rawlinson and Hunter
Cityscape: 2nd annual year kick-off with Rhythmworks

Cityscape, the most successful 3D visualisation company in the UK, kicked off the year with Rhythmworks - their 2nd training day with us. The same personnel were given further training to develop their teamworking skills within the company. They produced two inspired performances of Japanese drumming at the end of a hard but productive day. With the rock-solid coaching of associate Waqar Siraj, the event was a great success and set the company up with the mindset needed for the year to come.

"Even better than last year. The event hit exactly the right messages."
- Oliver Treadway - Founder/Creative Director
"Yet again a brilliant day. A great way to start the year."
- Christine Wood - 3D Artist
Climate Change Capital come back for more team building

Climate Change Capital have returned to Rhythmworks time and time again. During the year, we worked with, among others, IT, Central Services and Advisory departments in workshops for serious team development, and some serious fun.

"Apart from the fact that no-one in Finance can move their arms to reach their keyboards, yesterday was a great success much enjoyed by all - many many thanks for all your help facilitating and demonstrating your art!"
- Mark Macloed - Chief Financial Officer
"Very worthwhile - shows what you can achieve with structure and effort."
- Carole Hofbeck - Head of Compliance
NHS comes to Rhythmworks for a touch of their own medicine!

The Maudsley Hospital Traumatic Stress Services team came to us for some stress relief of their own and team building fun.

"I came with some doubts as to whether this would be worthwhile since we took a day out of very heavy work. I now have no doubts that it was well worth the day. Thank you."
- Dr. Felicity de Zulueta - Consultant Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist
"Clear, fun, good link between drumming skills and generic team working skills."
- Eileen Walsh - Clinical Psychologist
Npower integrates Rhythmworks with Continuous Improvement project

We recently worked with npower on its Continuous Improvement project. Taiko drumming's principals of commitment and support reflected and reinforced perfectly the aims of the project. Together with associate coach Mark Watkins, the session proved very effective with npower.

"Awesome, perfect, great. Met the group's and my needs. Thank you!"
"An amazing way to build group dynamics."
New Year Kick-off for Cityscape

Cityscape, a company using pioneering 3D technology for the visualization of architectural designs, held their annual kick-off day. The venue they chose was our beautiful converted barn in rural Surrey and hosted by our associate coach Waqar Siraj, the event was a reflection of where the company had been, where it is going and crucially, how to get there. We worked closely with Cityscape to ensure that the Taiko drumming was used to mirror the company's goals. All the learning and achievement from the day were then set firmly in the context of their workplace, enabling the company to develop with new team-working perspectives.

"Fantastic. Really well thought out, something totally different to the usual team building days".
- Christine Wood, 3D artist
"It was a really engaging day, very useful to understand the Cityscape vision and how the employees think they can work towards it."
- Sarah Harper, Recruitment and Recourses Manager
Climate Change Capital

Also in January Rhythmworks held a team building workshop for Climate Change Capital, a company investing in projects which reduce carbon emissions. The team's aim was to highlight the importance of commitment, focus and awareness while entering the new year with a bang.

Climate Change Capital
"If only we had this level of focus when sat around the meeting table."
- D Tepper, Head of Markets
Climate Change Capital
"An intense sense of concentration, reliance and sense of purpose. There were no barriers between individuals. This is the definition of good team building."
S Paskett, Associate
Microsoft chooses Rhythmworks team building

The Microsoft IT Program Managers team gathered in the UK from all over the world especially to have a Rhythmworks team building event. The day-long workshop was an integral element of their three-day annual meeting. Their aims were to bring in two new members and to seek new ways of working together in light of their geographical remoteness and recent company reorganisation.

"That was the best team building workshop I have ever done."
- David Recalcati, Microsoft IT team Leader, Italy
"The workshop stressed the importance of awareness of others, as well as providing and receiving support when needed. Success is when the whole team succeeds."
Jenny Harrison, Microsoft IT team Leader, UK
Spink Consumer Relations

Spink Consumer Relations, a small, dynamic PR consultancy wanted some fun for the team. And that's what we gave them!

"Great to do something completely different, even though I have no rhythm! There was a huge sense of achievement afterwards."
- Louisa Canavan - Account Manager
"It was a personal achievement for me to learn to play the drums. It was great to see the whole team working together so well."
- N Button - Senior Account Manager
"Rhythmworks created incredible energy and focus during our conference. It was great fun, united multi-national groups in a shared goal and supported the key aims of the meeting."
- Tony Lioveri, Director, e-Business, Epson Europe