Big sticks. Big drums.

Serious teamwork. Serious fun!

High-impact, effective, unforgettable team building

Rhythmworks designs and delivers innovative team building through the performance art of Japanese Taiko drumming.

What is Taiko and why does it unite a team?

The Japanese tradition of Taiko drumming is a powerful blend of rhythm, dynamic movement and human spirit.

We've taken Taiko a stage further to create highly effective team building events.

Our programmes culminate in your team achieving a stunning Taiko performance. Team success requires commitment, mutual awareness, support, trust and enthusiasm: the same principles that drive a successful business team.

No other team building programme is both entirely dependant on teamwork and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, physical ability or musical aptitude. It is truly a shared experience that is new to all.

The benefits

Leading organisations have experienced significant team building benefits from Rhythmworks events:

  • We've set the stage for new-found camaraderie between team members and more effective teamwork
  • We've inspired personal breakthroughs in self-confidence
  • We've imbued the importance of a strong commitment to the task in hand
  • And we've helped set in place team leadership with clarity, vision and understanding

Read about some of our recent client experiences in our news section. See a real-life Taiko drumming performance video to see where we get our inspiration for great team building!

"Thanks again for leading a very enjoyable session. The group loved it and everyone agrees that it helped accelerate this team's alignment during our retreat. Also, we all had lots of fun!"
- Steve Skolski, Global Head of Clinical and Data Operations, Quintiles