The Rhythmworks 'Ice-Breaker'

Energise and unite your whole conference in one go!

  • simple step-by-step instruction in Japanese 'Paranku' hand-drumming technique
  • team drumming exercises promoting fun and unity
  • your conference delegates playing a simple Japanese Taiko drumming piece in rhythm, together
  • for conferences of up to 250 delegates in theatre style seating
  • typical session of 30-45mins
  • easy set-up: no pre-planning or extra space required
  • can also be used in the post-lunch period: The "Slump-Buster"!

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"The Rhythmworks team's skill and enthusiasm was infectious and they delivered an extaordinary event for us. It included everything necessary to get a team working together - a perfect conclusion to a day spent on team behaviour."
- Jeremy Bird, Managing Director, Wickes